Australian Indigenous performer Dhinawan Baker managed to impress CBeebies new TV stars ZingZillas with his Didgeridoo performance so much they used the episode “Didgeridoo Hullabaloo” for the premier of the series.

The song recorded in the UK with Dhinawan and the ZingZillas is UK children’s #1 hit, Itunes most downloaded children’s song in England .


Dhinawan and ZingZillas

photo by Smarset photography. ZingZillas as seen on CBeebies.

Photo by Smartset Photography. ZingZillas as seen on CBeebies.

The cute colourful monkey‐like characters have delighted UK audiences and are now swinging their way over to Dhinawan’s homeland to launch the children’s show in Australia and have invited him to Sydney Opera House to “re‐act” his role in the episode.